Introducing… Hidden Growth Champions The Podcast

Welcome to Hidden Growth Champions – real innovators, real conversations, real lessons about growth in the midst of uncertainty. We explore why growth truly matters, as we learn to navigate new and unfamiliar terrains, what forms it can take in innovative organisations (e.g. new markets, acceleration, closing the innovation gap or transformation and renewal), and how ‘growth champions’, situated not just in developed tech centres but across emerging markets, go about discovering, preparing for and powering growth. Every second week, we meet one of these growth champions for a conversation about what growth means to them – not about dry theory, complex methodologies or formulas promising a ‘sure way’ to navigate our way beyond the crisis. Rather, real innovators, real conversations, real lessons.

In today’s episode we talk with Cris Beswick a Strategic Advisor and the Co-founder of OUTCOME.  Cris is also the author of ‘Building a Culture of Innovation’ who shares some fantastic insights with us in this episode. 

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