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I have always been fascinated by the natural phenomenon of growth. What makes us grow as individuals and how we come together as a team, to achieve something significant and, as a consequence, make a lasting impact on our environment.

I found this to be in direct contrast to what I saw around me, in the world of consulting. I saw firms choosing scale over impact or significance, feeling compelled to ‘feed an army’ of professionals rather than promote sustainable capability growth. While their clients were venturing into new markets, asking for solutions to new and fascinating challenges, and finding new ways of navigating a rapidly changing world, more consulting firms were choosing a more predictable route, working in areas for which textbooks have already been written and touting methodologies as a safe path to walk. I saw a distance growing between what consulting became and what it could be.

At the same time, there were new firms, who were re-writing the rules of the industry, who were charting a new way. It was time to join the pioneers and so I decided to follow the path less travelled, took the leap, and in 2016, our South-African office opened, followed by our Singapore office, in 2019.

This is our manifesto. It is about how we see the world and the values we practice, to bring our people and clients together, to power growth and create lasting impact. I hope it resonates with you, perhaps even ignites a spark of possibility to play a part in our world.

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At Ascent Growth Partners, we work closely with our clients, in a rapidly changing business environment, to power growth. We do this in three distinct ways:

We leverage global expertise, drawing on talent from different parts of the world to solve complex customer challenges, the ones that matter the most.