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Over the past year, we’ve brought together a number of CEO’s in a series of online conversations, about what it means to be a challenger. While they have built successful businesses and served in various leadership roles, their mindset, we found, was remarkably similar: to challenge the status quo in their industries and drive greater impact in the ecosystem in which their organisation operates (or often ambitiously creating).

Joining a community of challengers can be a rewarding experience. We meet for an hour (online) each month, where:

Pose questions and test perspectives with fellow challengers on themes relevant to being a challenger in one's industry

Engage in peer conversations
(no slides or pitches)

Access action-research projects (these are supported by the Peter E. Drucker School of Management, who are strategic partners of ours)

The challengers in our community include heads of for-profit as well as non-profit organisations, senior executives in new roles (Digital, ESG, DE&I), as well as Board Members. If you are interested in joining one of our sessions or to participate as a member of our community, please indicate your interest below. A member of our team will be in contact with you shortly.

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Featured event:

When Tech meets Property – a Conversation with Andrew Rechtman

In this Challenger CEO conversation, we meet Andrew Rechtman, who served as Senior Director of Strategy at PayPal. Andrew is a fellow challenger and member of our Ascent tribe. During his time at PayPal and REA, he has had the opportunity to design, build and challenge how we bring future-fit capabilities into successful incumbent organisations.

We spoke recently about the challenge of growing future business capabilities from within successful existing businesses (with all its inherent tensions) – The theme for this Challenger CEO discussion.

Andrew is based in Barcelona, yet he’ll be speaking from his experience in emerging markets, such as South East Asia, Eastern Europe, as well as in Africa. We’ll cover the need to grow future capabilities first and then delve into some of the practicalities and challenges companies such as PayPal, REA Group and others faced. 

Date: Wednesday, 15th November 2023
Time: 08h00 – 09h00 SAST; 15h00-16h00 SGT

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