Friday's Growth

Hi Everyone,

Meeting reality is something we’ve become rather good at, over the past year. As twists and turns heightened our senses, reality called upon us to adjust our perspective of what has happened and what is emerging and taking shape. Whether this reality is in our personal or professional lives, reality is a great equalizer, there is no escape from it.

However, our understanding of what makes up our reality I find is far less understood. Yes, there are some absolute truths that make their appearance in our daily lives, and undisputed facts which remind us what is. However, these are often just a glimmer of what our reality is, a veneer of colour, reminding us of imminent opportunity or danger, what to give greater attention to and what to put aside. Much of our reality is however different – it is made up of ideas, of aspirations which draw us to what we did not know is possible, towards a new perspective, asking of us to be tested. If we are open to these elements of our reality, the breadth of our reality widens considerably.

We suddenly notice the optionality which is inherent in where we stand today. We begin to wonder, what if I walk down this new path?

Our friend Mark Tippin, at Mural, reminded me of this recently when he shared a simple visual method to capture our ideas. Sharing these with others early in the process, before our reality is cemented, has helped to bring them to life, helped test them in a client’s reality and provided valuable feedback. It is a better way, to co-create new ideas and valuable solutions.

Seeing our reality with such perspective helps us turn our attempts at meeting reality (sometimes clumsy, often rushed…) into a habit. This habit not only helps us witness how expansive and dynamic our reality is, but also the pockets of opportunity we have not seen and (importantly) the risks we need to attend to.

In whichever part of your life, you were called on to face reality this week, I hope it broadened your perspective, brought new ideas and solutions into light and reminded (all of us) of how rich and empowering our reality can be.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Saar Ben-Attar (A Connector Beyond Limits) 

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