Friday's Growth

Hi Everyone,

The need to innovate has never been greater than today. As industry boundaries become diffuse, more difficult to trace, more porous to new forms of competition and of cooperation, as global supply chains are tested and reshaped and as we give new meaning to the roles of work and home,  we find that the constraints to unlocking value, to reaching new heights, require innovation – in thinking and in action.

The glass ceiling we often encounter in organisations trying to rekindle and bring their innovation efforts into the core of the organisation, is not there to merely test us or remind us of the effort required but to ensure we solve the right problem, with a fuller understanding of needs and wants of role players and participants, and focusing on long-term value creation, not merely what lies tomorrow or the day to follow.

Our vision – Innovating beyond borders, recognises this reality. We work with our clients to build forward – becoming anticipatory, highly adaptive organisations, powering growth and transformation.

Innovating beyond borders has taken us to new markets, from the US to the UK and other destinations. It has helped us discover opportunities beyond industry paradigms, beyond organisational silos and in-grained operating models. Listening to a diversity of voices, each contributing to a new and emerging reality, new and more resilient pathways to growth are realised.

We recognise that innovating beyond borders is a choice, one that we make together with others.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Saar Ben-Attar (A Connector Beyond Limits) 

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Our Manifesto 

“You have to be receptive to different voices, especially if they contradict yours. Developing a different perspective begins with one’s mindset”.
Bennie van Rooi
MD of Access Bank (South Africa)