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Saar Ben-Attar (A Connector Beyond Limits) 

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Our Manifesto 2.0

“To a superboss, individual employees can grow beyond their widest dreams; teams and organizations can add value that far exceeds the sum of their parts."
Sydney Finkelstein

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As we learn to navigate in crisis and emerge into a future that few have predicted or prepared for, our ability to adapt to new realities is crucial. 

Highly adaptive organisations are better equipped to reach their strategic aspirations, and a key component of this is their ability to manage the business portfolio, not under the conditions of yesterday, but under adaptive decision-making and a new set of portfolio insights.

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going 'off-script'

“I realized dealing with uncertainty and actually using it as a driver or motor of creativity and community and a sense of belonging is actually a muscle we can train.”

Dr. Myriam Hadness

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