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Time to set new goals?

There is an ongoing debate in strategy circles – should we set strategic goals first and then define a strategy to determine how we ‘get there’ or should we rather set the strategy first and use goals as a bridge into implementation – into unpacking what the strategy demands of us and where we should focus next? The traditional approach, whether we follow a business planning process, a balanced scorecard or even OKR’s is that to set smart objectives, we need a coherent strategy. Goals, in contrast to a purpose statement or a vision, which focus on the ‘Why’, help bring the strategy into clear and implementable terms.

Saar Ben-Attar (A Connector Beyond Limits) 

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"Setting Objectives and Key Results is more than just setting a goal, it’s about living the goal and creating a habit" - Christina Wodtke
Christina Wodtke

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“Organisational success is plan & purpose.  Profitability is the outcome of purpose, not purpose itself.”

Willem Kitshoff

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