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A remarkable shift has taken place since early 2020, and if anything, it has not stopped but strengthened. I am speaking here about how data-driven (evidence-based) content is shared among organisations. What used to be called ‘Content Marketing’ now pervades almost every industry sector, powered by new collaboration tools, more rigorous data analytics and the use of online platforms, as we try and maintain human contact.
Behind practical solutions and date-driven tools lies a deeper transformation – of the mutuality of insights.
In 2017, the Economist published a fascinating article where it pronounced that the world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data, and such value will often increase when used and applied over and over again. By combining it with complementary data sets, organisations realized that they can generate, share and build on pre-existing insights. And so it comes as no surprise that content shared by organisations with customers, business partners and, in many instances, broader society, has grown markedly since.
We also find that generating insights has become a mutually-reinforcing loop rather than a linear flow. In essence, consumers of such insights have become contextualisers, interpreters and (yes) providers of insights themselves. The result, we have seen, is a richer ecosystem where knowledge networks can tap into and build on, at speed, and so respond to new and emerging market opportunities, while leveraging on insights generated beyond their enterprise. Collaboration across borders has become truly insight-driven.
We have seen this firsthand, in the insights which we have the privilege of participating in creating. No longer were thought leading articles, weekly blogs, podcast conversations or online events were we part of, discrete sets of insights, but they were linked along recurring themes, such as the capabilities most needed for becoming future-fit or how we can bring new business model to life. And so we began capturing these connections – often made by our clients, business partners and our team.
This is now available in one digital canvas.

Saar Ben-Attar (A Connector Beyond Limits) 

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‘The fundamental cycle of collaboration kicks-off numerous, simultaneous and often very rapid iterations - the foundation for a thriving, productive, and self-sustaining community’ Anthony J. Bradley and Mark P. McDonald.

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In collaboration with iSAW International, an organisation making a dramatic impact for women in the workplace and narrowing the gender equality gap globally, our Innovating Beyond Borders Habitat was featured at #Unite21

Nancy Speidel, founder and CEO of iSAW, spoke about using technology to advance diversity, equity and inclusion.

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“The essence of our organisation, Ascent Growth Partners, is the ability to listen with great intent, to listen deeply and the courage to say what needs to be said for real transformation to take place.” 

Saar Ben-Attar

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