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How to Succeed in Business Ecosystems

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How to Succeed in Business Ecosystems: A Capability Framework for Business Ecosystem Leadership

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“The business world can’t stop talking about ecosystems. What gets less attention is what this era of ecosystems means for the practice of management.”
Richard Straub
Global Peter Drucker Forum

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Dr. Chai Chua, Executive Programme – Singularity University, is a Healthcare Transformation expert. We sat down for a fascinating conversation about how Healthcare ecosystems are changing and what this means for how we take care of the elderly.

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Hosted by Strategic Futurist and Author Nancy Giordano and Ascent Growth Partners’ founder Saar Ben-Attar.

As we got centered on what this new year could offer and what discerning choices are to be made, we co-hosted an inspiring live event.

With us were climate activist Clover Hogan, Craig Dubitsky (Chief Innovation Strategist at Colgate-Palmolive) and others. A wonderful reminder to start the year on a positive note, with people who inspire us, in thought and action.

Watch the event here.


I think the opportunity is to look at what’s happening in developed countries that have got an aging population and not follow them. An Indian politician has said that India should not just emulate what’s happening in other developed countries. He’s suggested that India should ‘pole-vault’ rather than ‘leapfrog’ when it comes to the country’s healthcare.

Dr. Chua discusses how emerging markets could leapfrog.

Csuite Xchange Executive Interview

Read up on what Saar Ben-Attar had to say in our latest Csuite Xchange Executive Interview.

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