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CSuite Magazine February 2022

Escape Velocity: Free your company’s future from the pull of the past, by Geoffrey A. Moore

‘The more curious we become, the more things we will seek. The more we learn new insights, the more places we can go, together with our clients. That has been a cornerstone of our work at Ascent Growth Partners.’
Saar Ben-Attar

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Partnerships can take various forms and so we invited into our virtual studio this week Tashinee Moodley, a team member, M&A expert and someone with deep passion for bringing organizations together, to realise shared value in their ecosystem. In this upcoming episode, we speak about the role of corporate ventures in our partnering toolkit, creating a culture of innovation and the mindset of individuals driving corporate venturing units. A fascinating conversation, not to be missed.

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Hosted by Strategic Futurist and Author Nancy Giordano and Ascent Growth Partners’ founder Saar Ben-Attar.

As we got centered on what this new year could offer and what discerning choices are to be made, we co-hosted an inspiring live event.

With us were climate activist Clover Hogan, Craig Dubitsky (Chief Innovation Strategist at Colgate-Palmolive) and others. A wonderful reminder to start the year on a positive note, with people who inspire us, in thought and action.

Watch the event here.

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