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How resonance drives change

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"Stories are the most powerful delivery tool for information, When we listen to a story, the chemicals in our body change, and our mind becomes transfixed. We are riveted when a character encounters a situation that involves risks and elated when they avert danger and are rewarded.”
Nancy Duarte

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Our focus on the energy transition in Africa continues in our latest Hidden Growth Champions podcast. Saar Ben-Attar sat down with Carol Koech County President, East Africa Schneider Electric. Carol discusses the lack of energy in East Africa and the challenges and opportunities for transformation this presents.

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Ascent partners with CFFO at the Peter Drucker school of management

Business ecosystems have become a source of value creation and innovation, across industries, and no more is this evident than in emerging markets, where traditional industry verticals and legacy organizational structures are leapfrogged by nimble players.

To contribute to the dynamic developments in this space, the Center for the Future of Organization at the Drucker School of Management (CFFO) is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with Ascent Growth Partners.


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Read up on what Saar Ben-Attar had to say in our latest Csuite Xchange Executive Interview.

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