OUR Advisory Board

One of the distinguishing features of our work at Ascent Growth Partners Pte. Limited has been our executive network – individuals from around the world, who connect with our clients, for in-depth discussions about their transition – whether navigating new market realities or pondering how their organisations might need to transform, these have been some of the most insightful discussions.

We wanted to make this aspect of partnering with our clients more accessible and in a format that allows for even broader conversations. Today we’ve launched our Advisory Board, aimed at exactly that – insightful, executive peer conversations, on what matters most.

Let’s welcome our newest Advisory Board members – Adrian Saville , Zipporah Maubane and Amit Pathare.


Professor of Economics and Director for the Centre for African Management and Markets (CAMM) at the GIBS business school, Financial Services executive and founder of Cannon Asset Managers (Pty) Ltd.

Adrian has been an absolute pleasure to collaborate with and brings a wealth of experience and insight to our team. He has done work in many destinations, including Botswana, Brazil, Chile, Estonia, France, Germany, Ghana, India, Japan, Kenya, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Rwanda, Singapore, the United Kingdom, the United States, Zambia and Zimbabwe, and is a member of various industry bodies, including the Academy of International Business, the Strategic Management Society, Investment Analysts Society and Manual of Ideas (Global).

AMit 1

An Energy sector executive and innovator, he played a pivotal role in the transition of ENGIE from fossil fuels towards a clean energy and services leader. Having worked across UK & Continental Europe, North & Latin America, the Middle East, India and East Asia over the past 20 years, he is a passionate advocate for integrating technological developments in the energy sector into policy design, business strategy, and operational execution.

Amit is no stranger to our team. We’ve worked together for almost two years now and I found his curiosity, mixed with clear strategic thinking, valuable on so many occasions.


A Digital Transformation and Marketing executive, who brings a wealth of experience from organisations as diverse as BP, Coca Cola, Sasol and others. Speaking of transitions, Zipporah’s role in the turnaround of Altron and implementation of its 2.0 strategy, has been incredibly insightful – a discussion in itself, which we feature later in April, on our podcast series. Zipporah, it’s wonderful to have you join us and looking forward to more of these discussions, on digitisation and where we head next…