Growth, Transformation & Capability – Working with NEOm

NEOM is a futuristic mega-city in north-west Saudi Arabia, bordering the Red Sea. It is part of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, an ambitious plan to revolutionise Saudi society, reduce dependence on oil, and make the country a technology hub. Being built from the ground up as a living laboratory, it is a place where entrepreneurship is charting the course for a New Future. A hub for innovators, entrepreneurs, business leaders and companies to research, incubate and commercialise new technologies and enterprises in ground-breaking ways.

“We are an organisation that were going from 275 employees in the end of 2019, and now, a year later, we have around 700 employees, and we expect to double again by 2021”, says Dale Bracegirdle, Senior Manager, Performance & Engagement. And as employees embrace new ways of working and develop new capabilities, NEOM reached out to TTRO, a digital learning organisation, recognised recognised as experts in this field, to help scale the on-boarding experience.

NEOM’s request was to design a scalable on-boarding solution that supports their growing and diverse workforce and set a foundation for acquiring the capabilities needed to make NEOM a success.. It was to help new employees engage with and immerse themselves into NEOM’s culture from the beginning of their career journey, and instil within them a sense of belonging to the organisation.

“With TTRO we were able to really digitize and modernize many of the documents that we had, bring them into a bite-sized approach and provide a journey and an experience that builds over time versus giving them all of the information in one go. That was important. As we did that, we found that through our partnership with TTRO, we were also able to pilot the use of augmented reality and trial new and modern ways to approach compliance. It was a good chance to introduce these new approaches into the business and test it so that we could evolve it into the future, and were able to do that.”

In short, a transformed on-boarding experience – a foundation for NEOM’s capabilities.