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CHALLENGERS to be published Q4 2023

The world around us is changing in fundamental ways that are both exciting and unnerving. As we shift more into a digital economy, driven by knowledge and collaboration, so does the organizing logic of our organizations shift to reach optimal performance. We are moving from clearly defined industry boundaries to porous borders, where new and emerging opportunity fields can be found. There is a change from hierarchical organizational decision-making to autonomous networks that quickly solve challenges and scale. We are shifting from long-held employment relationships to partnerships with a multitude of role-players who collaborate toward a shared purpose.

Similar to significant transitions of the past, we find ourselves in exceptionally opportune times, but only for those willing to challenge and collaborate. This book is about the challengers that lie at the heart of these thriving ecosystems. How much could such challenger moves be worth? A recent McKinsey study estimated the integrated network economy, where such partnerships are formed, could reach approximately 70 to 100 trillion US dollars, or roughly one-third of global gross economic output, over the next few decades. Not surprisingly, CEOs worldwide look at these seismic shifts in the nature of their industries and ask: “How do we become the builders of the new, ecosystem-based economy? How can we position ourselves for success not only ahead of but also, and importantly, with others?”

The book follows a tour of ten cities across the globe where challengers and their teams practice innovative forms of ecosystem building to solve meaningful challenges and unlock new opportunity fields. The result is a practical guidebook, which you, as the reader, can use with your colleagues and ecosystem partners from day one.

Accompanying this book is our online community of Challenger CEOs—leaders like you, who practice new moves in their daily work. Here, we meet, share ideas and knowhow. It is an invitation to grow with fellow challengers and contribute to one of the most exciting roles of the 21st Century—Ecosystem leadership.

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