Ecosystem Moves to be published in Q4 2023

ECOSYSTEM MOVES to be published Q4 2023

The world around us is changing in fundamental ways, that are as exciting as they are concerning. As we shift more fully into a digitally-driven knowledge economy, so does the organizing logic of our organisations and how they function for optimal performance. These changes enable tremendous value to be unlocked through a new organizing logic – that of ecosystems. Here is where businesses and various stakeholders partner with one another, to create value, well beyond what each could achieve on their own.

A recent McKinsey study estimated the integrated network economy could reach approximately USD70-100 trillion or roughly one-third of global gross economic output, over the next few decades. In Ecosystem Moves, we offer a deeper look into the world of ecosystem builders and the practices they employ – a practice guide for leaders, in creating the partnerships which lie at the heart of the new economy.  

The book follows a tour of ten (10) cities around the world, where diverse teams are practicing ecosystem building, to solve meaningful challenges. The result is a practical guide, which readers can put to use with their colleagues and ecosystem partners, from day one.

Accompanying Ecosystem Moves is our online community of ecosystem builders – leaders like yourself, who practice ecosystem moves in their daily work. Here we meet, share ideas, know-how, and contribute to one of the most exciting roles of the 21st Century – that of Ecosystem Leadership.

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