Anticipating the opportunity in the midst of transition

Towards the end of 2019, we were given the opportunity of becoming a sponsor of Future Energy Asia, the region’s largest Energy sector conference. Participating in this event in February 2020, as the pandemic began to spread around the world, provided a glimpse of what navigating a future which is emerging could be like.

Decisions had to be made quickly, as borders began to close, within days of the conference’s opening, the agenda had to changed as we had to navigate cancellations from panel members and VIP guests. What seemed certain and well-planned for, was becoming uncertain, in flux.

As I was taking my seat to moderate one of the conference’s panel discussions, it occurred to me that not knowing the answers can be a liberating experience. Here we were, a six-member team of experts, from around the world, and none of us could answer this key question – what will happen next along the energy transition?

And so, we decided to lead with questions. What ensued was one of the most insightful industry-wide discussions of the conference. The feedback from those attending was superb and tackling this topic with an explorer’s, questioning mindset brought many insights for the audience.

To everyone involved in Future Energy Asia, my appreciation for the amazing work done to bring this important event to reality, as the future was emerging at alarming pace, and to my fellow panellists, who braved the unknown to answer some new questions, thank you for together, we tackled what mattered most.