Diagnostics – A new self-evaluating tool to help us design our future organisations

As the world moves through and beyond the crisis, many aspects of our life are being challenged, not least the way we ‘sense-make’ and test our assumptions, and so we are empowered to learn at our own pace and time. Placing the individual at the centre of learning, we can reflect on the key challenges facing us in this transition, drawing our own conclusions about the areas we most need to develop, while leveraging valuable data from organisations from around the world, who are tacking similar challenges. Our solutions are therefore more precise and inclusive.

Take as an example our Adaptive Portfolio diagnostic. Launched in 2020, it recognises that many organisations have had to assess their business portfolios and adjust their positions in the market – not under the conditions of yesterday, but under a new set of portfolio insights. A future-fit portfolio may look quite different to the one we relied on thus far, for our business performance and growth.

The diagnostic enables an individual or team, whether their focus is strategy, innovation or even the management of portfolio companies or related initiatives, to measure the current state of portfolio management in their organisation and the capabilities and behaviours which would enable it. Drawing on the research of Dr. Adrian Saville and his team, it allows us to reflect on the organisation’s ability to build a future-fit business portfolio, and practice organisational adaptiveness, where it truly matters.

The response so far has been overwhelmingly positive – from investment professionals to strategy & transformation teams. We’ve seen teams discover new insights for their businesses, explore comparative companies who’s business portfolios they could draw on for valuable lessons and take greater ownership of more adaptive, future-fit portfolios.

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