Friday's Growth

This week, I am excited to share with you the latest edition of our online magazine. In this issue, we discuss one of the most important phenomena of 2021 (and beyond) – Acceleration, what it implies and how we could leverage it, to our advantage! We have a number of contributors to this issue – all women innovators. They are pathfinders in the true sense of the word, discovering new ways to prepare us for an emerging future, one which we must not only become familiar with but anticipate and respond.

We start this magazine edition by welcoming Nancy Giordano, Futurist, AI and Fintech advisor to share her thoughts about the acceleration in productivity, that is taking place in these extraordinary times – Read more

Acceleration vs. Exhilaration by Merci Miglino, Executive and Mentor Coach and former Global Director of the International Coach Academy, looks at how we experience acceleration and unpicks the idea of it being all about the experience. A truly fascinating read

For many leadership teams, the crisis has precipitated significant uncertainty, stress & unrivalled complexity to tackle. However, we can view this as not merely a challenge but rather an opportunity to transform. Lindie Geyser, our leadership mindset expert, unpacks how some organizations are embracing mindsets as they transition with purpose and accelerate their way into new opportunity areas – Read more

Next Zipporah Maubane, Marketing & Digital Transformation executive, and a member of our Advisory Board, joins us to discuss the state of digital transformation in 2021 and how it is unlocking value, not only in customer experience, supply chain and operations, but in the relationship with other key stakeholders, such as investors – Read more

Boosting the number of women at work is not just a moral imperative but also fosters creativity and has a measurable impact on the bottom line. Nancy Speidel and her team have taken on the challenge of accelerating the empowerment of women in the workplace, from what the WEF estimates might take 200 years to accomplish, to where our kids and grandkids will experience it in their lifetimes – Read more

Have a good weekend everyone!

Saar Ben-Attar (A Connector Beyond Limits) 

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"The Technology space is not representative of women. It’s not dynamic and there aren’t near enough women at the forefront. Venture capitalists (VCs) are missing out on a massive potential opportunity."
Aisha Pandor
Co-founder of SweepSouth and Partner at Entrepreneurs 4 Entrepreneurs (E4E) Africa.