The future is calling on us to transform

One of the startling images of the COVID-19 outbreak has been the impact on nature. For example, how air quality has improved in our cities and the joy of seeing animals return to areas dominated by human habitation. We are in effect seeing a transformation in our perspective of nature and how we relate to it. A similar lens is being applied to organisations. We have seen organisation tackle not only the ‘outwardly strategic’ implications, on their markets but increasingly the often more subtle implications for their organisation. For example, how we might work in future, what new business models might emerge and how our ways of working are being challenged. Strategy and transformation are closely intertwined and require us to adopt new capabilities, leadership mindsets and practices. Here is an example of our work with one organisation that has taken on a meaningful transformation, in the midst of the crisis, turning adversity into opportunity – a conversation with Amasi Mwela, CEO of Private Property, South-Africa’s leading property portal.