Why Adaptiveness Truly Matters

As we learn to navigate in crisis and emerge into a future which few have predicted or prepared for, our ability to navigate new terrains and adapt to new realities is crucial. Adaptiveness was not always seen as a strategic capability. It is only more recently, fuelled by wide-spread disruption and blending of industry boundaries, that it began to be recognised for its contribution to the growth and performance of organisations. However, without a clear view of its key components and how well they are present in our current reality, it is almost impossible to become a highly-adaptive organisation and create a clear roadmap to improvement and ultimately mastery.

We recently launched a diagnostic self-assessment , enabling organisations to measure their  current levels of adaptiveness and the capabilities which enable and support it. Assess where your organisation currently is, learn from highly-adaptive organisations from around the world and decide where to focus next, in becoming a highly-adaptive, future fit business. The diagnostic takes less than 10 minutes to complete .