Ascent Growth Partners is a consulting firm with a difference.
We partner with our clients to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing business environment, enabling extraordinary growth and accelerating the transition to making organisations more anticipatory, adaptive and future-fit. We believe that our ability to grow and transform truly matters. We see organisations venture beyond their core business and navigate uncertainty. We see our clients find new and innovative paths to growth, transforming their organisation and, at times, re-writing the rules and long-held paradigms in their industry. We partner with these organisations to become more anticipatory, adaptive and future-fit. Over a 10-year period, we have seen these organisations outperform their industry peers by nearly 2:1 (measured by Total Shareholder Returns)
Anticipation #1
We anticipate reaching a critical mass of organisations who bring Purpose into the core of their strategy, where purpose gives rise to core, value-creating business activities. This shift would be most felt in extractive and infrastructure-intensive environments, where we have seen the duration for such transitions shorten to as little as 4-5 years.
Anticipation #2
Managing Transitions would become a core organizational capability, elevating the role of Chief Strategy Officers, Heads of Business Transformation, Digital and M&A leaders.
Anticipation #3
The growth in ecosystems would not only accelerate but shift in focus from ecosystem strategy and blue-sky thinking to domain-expertise and execution knowhow.
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