Ascent Growth Partners – Our Manifesto 2.0

I have always been fascinated by the natural phenomenon of growth. What makes us grow as individuals and how we come together as a team, a broader tribe, a collective, to achieve something significant. At Ascent, we believe that our ability to grow and transform truly matters.

We see organizations venture beyond their core business and navigate uncertainty. We see our clients find new and innovative paths to growth, transforming their organizations and, at times, re-writing the rules and challenging long-held paradigms in their industries. Over a 10-year period, we have seen these future-fit organizations and their leaders anticipate new opportunities, innovate new solutions, and outperform their industry peers – by nearly 2:1 (measured by Total Shareholder Returns).

With these organizations, we are charting a new way. In 2016, we took the leap, opening our South African office, and in 2019, our Singapore office opened.

This is our manifesto 2.0 – originally crafted in 2019, it is now in its second edition. It is about how we see the world and the values we practice, to bring our people and clients together, to innovate as we navigate a future that is truly emerging and, as partners, how we help power growth and transformation and create lasting impact. We recognize that this is not what the consulting industry at large may be practicing, and we are proud to say – we are different.

I hope it resonates with you, perhaps even ignites the spark of possibility. Welcome to our tribe.

Saar Ben-Attar – Co-Founder (aka A Connector without Limits)

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