Vertical Leadership Development And How Shifting Mindsets Is Essential in the New Normal

For many leadership teams, the crisis has precipitated significant uncertainty, stress & complexity to tackle. However, we can view this as  not merely a challenge but rather an opportunity to transform.

It is an opportunity to develop a clear and compelling case for a future, in which our organisations thrive, even if it means we must reinvent ourselves, a way to discover opportunity areas which one can seize or position for and building optionality in the face of disruption. It means driving business results through collective, connected organisational leadership, an opportunity to empower our organisations to respond and innovate, to learn and adopt new habits, practices, ways of working, at speed and at scale.

‘The best place to invest in these days…is leadership’, says George Westerman, of MIT’s Sloan School of Management, and how we choose to do so matters.
Here is our perspective on vertical leadership development and how shifting mindsets is essential for thriving in this new normal, seen through the eyes of a client…

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